1. Why is Dental Implant treatment more affordable at the Kwan Dental Centre?

In addition to that BioHex dental implant is manufactured locally in Canada and supplied exclusively to Kwan implant center. Most importantly, the dental implant system is also defined by a simple clinical protocol which enables the dentist to achieve an extremely high standard of clinical efficacy. The universal nature of BioHex‘s application allows a dentist to complete the replacement of missing teeth in a fraction of the time required by other systems

The resulting reduction in treatment time, cost and complications allows the significant decrease in treatment fees while providing long term guarantees.

2. Why is my dentist says that I need bone grafting?

The current implant systems dictates that implants needed to be placed in a up and down and as parallel as possible in the jaw bone, hence the need to place or grafted bone to accommodated the implant, alternatively, the BioHex implants only need to be placed in the old root socket and the restoration will correct the angles, so the Incident of bone grafting using the BioHex implant systems reduces almost to nil.

3. Why is the implant treatment time at Kwan Dental Centre significantly shorter than other implants ?  

Due to the BioHex one-piece abutment implant configuration, healing occurs simultaneously in the bone and gum portion after implantation. The device is visible through the healing process, allowing continued monitoring of the status of the device. In cases when the first sign of failure occurs, the device can be removed and replaced in 6 to 8 weeks, without significant addition to treatment time. The success rate of the one stage implantation process is similar to the traditional two-stage process.

4. What is the Long Term Policy for implant treatment at the Kwan Dental Centers?

1-3 years - Individual consideration (Please ask the consulting Doctor for details). As a rule, there is no charge for re-treatment, but would charge $300 to replace each implant and $200 per crown.

This policy does not cover any accident related injuries such as accidental falls, Motor Vehicle Accidents,etc.

5. What can go wrong with the dental Implant Treatments? 

Anticipated problems such as failure to integrate, pain and infections are infrequent and tends to present themselves during the early stages. These are typically addressed quickly and effectively at the time they occur.
A typical failure scenario will be around the fifth week after implantation. If the gums appear red around the implant and there is mobility and pain upon touching it, the implant will be removed immediately. The implant site will be cleaned and re-implantation can be performed again in about 6-8 weeks.



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